Building Health Series (Part 2 of 6): Layout & Planning

StartFragment Have you ever thought about the impacts of a building's physical layout on your own health? I doubt many have! Everything from door swings to layout can have a profound impact on our potential exposure within a building. Here are some thoughts on what we can do to help mitigate those impacts in various scenarios, however, it's understood any improvements need to be balanced with practicality, building codes, premium of space, and economy. You'll find many of these strategies are also universal and can be implemented in a host of other applications. Lobbies & Entrances - Make the entrance clear and apparent from the exterior to prevent visitors from roaming to other doors and tr

Building Health Series (Part 1 of 6): Goals

Building Health Series Ryan M Anderson, AIA Vice President Lead Architect StartFragment EndFragment StartFragment The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone at one level or another. These types of events cause us to pause and take stock of our surroundings and put our thinking caps on to consider what we can do better to prepare for events such as these or even to mitigate the spread of a common cold. One of the things we can look at from a building perspective is how we can minimize that spread through strategies in our built environment. Over the course of the next few weeks we'll dig into these strategies and hopefully provide you with helpful tips to implement in the future. (Part 1 of


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