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Careers in Architecture and Civil Engineering including Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Water Resources, Municipal Engineering, Land Planning and Development, Construction Engineering, GIS, Drone Technology, and Environmental Services are available throughout North Dakota and Idaho.

Ackerman-Estvold is a thriving organization. Our purpose is to preserve and enhance the quality of life in our communities while providing an environment for our people to flourish. We are stewards of our region and provide our clients the tools and insight that they need to benefit their greater community. We have the ability to make a difference. And with that ability, we act.

We act for the smallest of communities to the native wetland, from the newest building to the largest development, and to protect our regional waterways and water supplies. We act through innovation and technology. We act to change the future of engineering and architecture. We act as stewards of our communities and volunteer our time and resources to make our own backyard a better place.

We take care of our people. In turn, they love what they do. We embrace newcomers into our organization who are passionate about making a difference sharing their expertise. If you’re interested in acting with us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or drop us a line.

Photo of architect project designer with an Ackerman-Estvold safety helmet and saftey vest smiling at the camera on-site.

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We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with high schools and universities throughout the region, allowing us to recruit and hire top-notch interns. Our program is built around gaining real-life experience and taking learning beyond the classroom. From May-August you’ll have an opportunity to make an impact. You’ll work side by side professional engineers and architects to oversee the design and construction of projects in your community. You’ll grow and make a difference in our organization, and in yourself.


Internships will be advertised here each spring, with positions being filled by early April. If you’re interested in taking your studies outside the classroom, give us a call, apply online, and swing by our booth at a career fair near you!

DRepnow headshot_edited.jpg
4-year intern

Fulltime Civil Engineer

In 2019 during my last semester of high school, I was introduced to Ackerman-Estvold as they were providing opportunities for students to complete a paid summer internship, and it would provide the chance to shadow three different people in unique engineering disciplines. This experience helped me really solidify where my interests would lie for college. I was excited when they reached out during my first semester of college to see if I would be interested in a civil engineering internship during the summer, and I continued going back each summer until I had completed my degree in December of 2023. The interning experience was great, and it was so valuable to get real world, first-hand experience of the amount of work that goes into projects from concept to completion. Most of my time consisted of construction inspecting and keeping track of quantities for projects. These projects were so different in size and scope from each other, ranging from fixing up park paths to being involved in building levees associated with Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Projects in Burlington. My co-workers were pretty awesome, and I knew they wanted me to succeed, were willing to really teach me and help me understand the whole project not just the piece I was involved in. I was able to greatly increase my knowledge of civil engineering and construction engineering in those summers and knew I could handle anything that got thrown my way. This hands-on experience provided me expanded knowledge each summer, but made such a difference in helping me with coursework in earning my civil engineering degree at NDSU.

Dane Repnow, EI

Civil Engineer

2023 Graduate of North Dakota State University

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