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In 2011, the Garrison Rural Water District looked towards a significant expansion of its rural water system. Requests for rural water service in the western portion of the district had become numerous. New developments along the shores of Lake Sakakawea were in planning phases and with the western reaches of the existing system already utilized to capacity, an expansion project in the western portion of the service district was imminent. The District looked to the Bank of North Dakota’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) program to assist in long term project funding. Working hand in hand with the GRWD, Ackerman-Estvold was able to assist the district and help make this project a reality.


With the DWSRF funding already in process, Ackerman-Estvold assisted the District’s Manager, facilitating coordination with the DWSRF representatives, and helping to organize and manage environmental and cultural resource surveys and clearances in accordance with funding agency requirements. Working in parallel to the DWSRF process, Ackerman-Estvold continued forward through the planning stages of the project. Initial planning revolved around identifying service locations, water main routing, water main sizing, and helping forecast future system needs. Once the planning process was completed in coordination with the District’s Manager, plan and specification development was moved to the front burner. With plans completed, bid, and awarded, the project moved to the construction phase.


Ackerman-Estvold completed construction observation and administration services throughout the project duration. Navigating day to day construction activities, record keeping of daily progress, witnessing compliance testing, assisting with DWSRF pay applications, and ultimately working through the project close-out. These duties outline a handful of what is required of a successful construction project. Ultimately, the project was constructed during the 2012 and 2013 construction seasons. The project expanded the GRWD pipe network adding more than 16 miles of new water main. The make-up of this monumental task amounted to approximately 10,600 feet of 6” Water main, 21,200 feet of 4” water main, 17,500 feet of 3” water main, and 36,000 feet of 2” water main. Additionally, more than 3,600 feet of 1” service line was installed along with other appurtenances including air release valves, flushing hydrants, and various size gate valves. Directional drilling road crossing helped to minimize traffic impacts and allowed continued access to local residents throughout the construction process.


The project was successfully completed following restoration work in 2014.The West Area Water Supply Project provided an option for rural water service to several local residents , improved service conditions to existing members through water main looping,  and continued Districts quest to provided clean potable water to residents throughout within the district.

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