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simons addition

Simons Addition, located in the Northwest quadrant of the City of Tioga, consists of approximately 15 blocks generally separated in half by the BNSF Railway which transverses east to west through the City. The Simons addition area north of the tracks, along with adjacent subdivisions including the Odegaard-Ike addition, Neset addition, and Millers Addition had been identified within the CIP list for significant infrastructure replacement and enhancement.

The area known as Simons Addition dates back to the early days of Tioga. Platted in 1907, this area was one of the first developed within the City. It was also one of the early areas within Tioga to receive City services including water and sanitary sewer.

Serving as the City Engineer for Tioga, Ackerman-Estvold worked with the City on CIP revisions including the implementation of Simons Addition. The project was originally scoped and designed as a portion of a much larger infrastructure improvement project. That project included improvements throughout a significant portion of NW Tioga including Simons, Odegaard-Ike, Neset, and Millers Additions.

Project design began in 2015 and included the entire project as outlined and was estimated to be more than $8M in replacement and rehabilitation work. Focus towards permanent improvements moved the project to the top of the CIP for 2018. Plans, specifications, and bid documents were finalized in February of 2018 and utilized a phased approach to help bridge the funding gap for the entire project. Phase I carried an estimated construction cost totaling $2.4M. The project was bid and awarded in March 2018 to BEK Consulting at a cost $2.25M.

Project construction was initiated in June 2018 progressing through the summer and was substantially completed in August of 2018.

The project scope included removal and replacement of all City owned infrastructure. This included all water mains, water services & curb stops, hydrants, valves and other water related appurtenances. Sanitary Sewer replacement entailed excavation and replacement of all existing sewer mains, services, and manholes. Storm sewer and drainage facilities were also replaced including all storm sewer mains, laterals, catch basins, and manholes. With the extensive nature of excavation, surface repair involved complete street reconstruction and consisted of the full replacement of asphalt, curb & gutter sidewalks, driveways, backfill, and adjacent landscape.

Progressing on an aggressive construction schedule, our team worked day in and out with the contractor resolving unknown items that are inherent to utility replacement projects. Being nimble, flexible and accommodating property owner, client, and contractor requests proved invaluable in assisting to deliver the project to substantial completion nearly 2 months prior to the scheduled completion date. This included an additional 3 blocks of rehabilitation work ($250k) that the City was able to fund after the original project was awarded.

Ultimately, the Simons Addition Phase I project was completed ahead of schedule, and more than $150k under budget.

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