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thousand springs state parK MASTER PLAN

For the past year, Ackerman-Estvold has worked on various projects within the Billingsley Creek Unit of the Thousand Springs State Park in Idaho.

Billingsley Creek Master Plan
Ackerman-Estvold involvement started with the updating of the Park’s Master Plan. Ackerman-Estvold was part of the team lead by Breckon Landdesign the reviewed the existing Master Plan and provided a revised plan including a phasing plan and updated budgets. The project was developed following input from Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, The City of Hagerman and the citizens through a series of public meetings. Ackerman-Estvold role included analysis of water and sewer needs for the whole development, review and budgeting of various alternatives.

Billingsley Creek Transient Water System
Ackerman-Estvold was selected as the civil engineer to reverse engineer the constructed system and provide the necessary information to secure approval from Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. In coordination with Idaho Department of parks and Recreation staff, Ackerman-Estvold directed the necessary work to gather the information to prepare the required as-builts and Operation and Maintenance Manual for the existing system.

Thousand Springs Visitor Center - DPW Project No. 20541
This project consists of the design of a new visitor center as a collaboration within Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and National Forest Service. The Designs included modeling of the existing water system to ensure adequate water supply to the building, design of a septic system, grading and circulation for Recreational Vehicles and buses.

Billingsley Creek RV Campground
Following the phasing and budgeting identified in the Master Plan for the Billingsley Creek Park, Ackerman-Estvold is part of the team the has been engaged in the preparation of the construction drawings for the 50 spaces RV Campground.  The scope of work for Ackerman-Estvold consists in reviewing feasibility for water and sewer services to the site and prepare construction drawings, engineering reports and facility plans updates for the water and sewer systems needed to service the site.

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