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Interior Design Projects, a cure to the Quarantine Blues

Have you found yourself with a little extra time during this pandemic?  if you are anything like me, while I welcomed the downtime for a couple of weeks and Netflixed my way through the Narcos series,  after a good month I was ready to do more. We have spent an inordinate amount of time with our lives interrupted. Well, we are here to help you ease the pandemic blues.  

The easiest way to change space is through color. And who doesn’t need a change of color in their life? Especially now, we need to shake things up a bit. Color has the power to evoke so many emotions, from tranquility to highly energetic and everything in between. Find your shade and go for it! Whether it is one wall, a focal point, or a whole room, color can bring life back to a space and improve the overall mood of its residents.  Once you pick your shade you drive eagerly to the paint store just to be bombarded with many different type

s of paints and finishes, it can be overwhelming. To minimize confusion the Master Paint Institute created a standard method for designating glass and sheen based on gloss levels.   Flat / Ultra-Flat.  Flat finishes have the lowest level of gloss, making them a great choi

ce for hiding wall imperfections due to a lack of reflectance. Flat finishes are good for seamless touch up but lack the ability to remove stains easily. Matte Finish. Slightly more sheen than flat finish, very little reflection. Easier to clean than flat finish, best use in low-traffic areas. Matte finishes are also very forgiving of wall imperfections.  Eggshell Finish. Slight sheen. Washable and good stain resistance, yet it is dull enough to be forgiving of wall imperfections.  Pearl / Satin Finish. Easy to clean and quite durable, good use for busy areas of the home.  Semi-Gloss Finish. Suitable for high-traffic areas, withstand repeated cleaning. High resistance to

moisture and stains.  Less forgiving on wall imperfections. High Gloss Finish. Can be very dramatic and attractive due to the high degree of reflectance, not forgiving of wall imperfections. Highly durable withstand scrubbing and heavy use. Resistance to mildew and stains. 

To make it easier we have created the table below to help you navigate the paint store like a pro.  

Finish Description Use

Flat/Ultra Flat Least reflective; hides minor imperfections Low-Traffic Areas, Ceilings

Matte More reflective than flat, added durability Living, Dining, Bedrooms

Eggshell Soft polished glow and easy-to-clean surface Living, Dining, Foyers,

Bedrooms, Hallways


Pearl/Satin Medium sheen finish, without full gloss Hallways, Family Rooms

Playrooms, Children's

Bedrooms, Bathrooms,

Kitchens, Trim, Doors

Semi-Gloss Smooth, highly reflective finish, durable High-Traffic Areas, Trim,

and withstands repeated cleaning Doors, Cabinets/Millwork

High Gloss High reflective sheen Trim, Doors, Cabinets/


Live Colorfully! 

Jessica has a passion for Interior Design and has been serving the region around Minot for the past 23 years. If you have any questions throughout this series or would like more information on a particular topic, by all means contact us and we'd be more than happy to have a conversation.


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