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My Favorite Project



The main challenge with this project arose out of the sheer scale of the building. It is work like no other I’ve been involved with and what makes this one of my favorite projects.  It forced us to really examine every decision, and in ways I would not have had to otherwise.

This architectural design was performed by Paul while employed at another firm.

Falkirk Mine Maintenance Facilty
Underwood, North Dakota


Picture 036.jpg

Falkirk Mine purchased a fleet of mining equipment which included haul trucks and excavating equipment.  The sheer enormity of size of this equipment did not allow them to fit into the current facility.  As a result, they needed a new, well thought out layout for a larger space to perform maintenance on the new equipment.


The space was designed around the size and weight of the machinery being serviced.  The trucks were over 42 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 20 feet high. That is the size of a house, definitely not a normal size vehicle!  From oversized columns, special concrete to hold the structure, and high capacity mechanical and electrical systems; every aspect of the building had to be examined to ensure it could perform as needed.

Falkirk Mine_cropped.jpg
Picture 020.jpg

Notice the man in the hardhat; this shows the true scale of the structure.

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