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jeremy bickel

My Favorite Project

Roosevelt Park Zoo – Amur Tiger River Valley Exhibit & African Lion Savanna Exhibit


Minot is my hometown and I have such fond memories of trips to the zoo when I was a child, having the opportunity to design new spaces for some of my favorite animals has made the project so meaningful to me. Working closely with the zoo director, keepers & staff truly gave me a new understanding and appreciation of what it takes to meet the needs of the animals and ensure safety for the keepers that care for them on a day-to-day basis. Animal welfare, keeper safety, budget, and public safety, were all things to be mindful of throughout the design process. The RPZ has such a large audience and so many visitors young and old, we really wanted this to be a wonderful experience for all the guests who walk through the gates. I really enjoy visiting the zoo and watching people experience the exhibits and hear their comments and stories about how much the love coming to RPZ.

Roosevelt Park Zoo – Amur Tiger River Valley Exhibit & African Lion Savanna Exhibit
Minot, North Dakota

New Exhibit/Habitat Space and Building Design


Problem – Exhibits were too small and outdated and did not provide for animal enrichment


Solution –

  • New building and exterior

  • Larger den space

  • Medical dens

  • Chute for crate training,

  • Dayrooms (lions now viewable in the winter)

  • Exercise room and dayroom for older tigers (which was dual purpose for potential breeding and then mom and cubs can be seen)

  • Glass viewing (provides visitors an up-close view of the animals)

Additional value-added eatures that engage the visitors with the exhibit –

  • Jeep in the glass viewing space at lion exhibit

  • Tiger tug of war within the tiger yard

  • Catwalks at the tiger exhibit (provide the cats to be elevated and allows for the keepers to round robin, sperate them in different spaces, cats through the building and outdoor space)

  • Complex landscape features within the yards for animal enrichment

  • Breeding areas

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