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55th street overpass


Construction was completed in August 2013 on the 55th Street Overpass and Northeast Bypass in northeast Minot. The project consists of approximately 5 miles of new asphalt and concrete roadways, 2 miles of widened roadway, and a new 1,155 foot long, 10-span pre-stressed concrete bridge over three existing Burlington Northern Santa Fe Tracks and a series of future tracks intended to serve both the BNSF operation and the Port of North Dakota.  The bridge deck, piers and abutments were constructed with cast-in-place concrete on driven pile foundations.

The roadway consists of a two-lane rural highway section from the south end of the project at US Highway 2 to the north end of the project at US Highway 83 and serves as a northeast Bypass around the City of Minot. The project connects to the US Highway 83 Bypass at the north end, thereby establishing one half of a future beltway around the City of Minot.  

Our team was responsible for the design and construction engineering of this important project for Ward County and the City of Minot and demonstrated our commitment to Ward County’s success through our efforts to fast-track the design of the project to secure $14.1 million in federal funding that could have otherwise been rescinded due to anticipated federal program cuts. 

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