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Puppy Dog, First Larson and Second Larson Coulee Watershed Master Planning
Tags: city of minotfirst Larson couleenorth dakotapuppy dog couleesecond Larson couleeward county water resource districtwatershed master planning

In 2004, Ackerman-Estvold began a series of extensive hydrologic and hydraulic modeling efforts to better understand the behavior of Puppy Dog, First Larson and Second Larson Coulees. Initial efforts were focused on understanding the hydraulic behavior and the extents of flooding near the downstream end of Puppy Dog Coulee, near the coulee’s confluence with the Mouse River.

HEC-RAS models were developed to expand upon previously completed studies that did not fully depict the extents of flooding in the vicinity of the former Apple Grove golf course, Eastside Estates, Chaparel Subdivision, and the KOA Campground. The Puppy Dog Coulee Breakout Analysis detailed the extents of this flooding and informed area residents of the flooding potential in this area. The results of the modeling have been empirically verified since the delivery of the report with several recent floods occurring in the area.

Additional watershed modeling efforts were undertaken to assess the potential for upstream storage as a means to minimize property damage. Storage areas were evaluated at multiple locations along Puppy Dog, First Larson and Second Larson Coulees.

Ackerman-Estvold team members have recently developed updated hydrologic and hydraulic models for these watersheds as part of the City of Minot’s Storm Water Management Plan. By modeling future developed conditions, Ackerman-Estvold has assessed the ultimate runoff potential of the watersheds and has developed conceptual plans to mitigate the impacts of development.