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Garrison Rural Water District GIS System
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Faced with a growing customer base and increasing operating cost, Garrison Rural Water District looked to Ackerman-Estvold and our GIS capabilities to help improve customer service, address deficiencies within the distribution system, enhance operating efficiencies, and aid in the expansion of the system to service future growth. The district services over 600 meters with an approximate population base of 1500 people based upon an average of 2.5 people per meter. The district has been experiencing growth due to the region’s oil and gas development, and anticipates the growth to continue in the near future.

Garrison Rural Water District GIS system includes the most comprehensive and concise information available on these vitally important facilities. Particularly useful to engineers, water resource managers, and planning officials, this information assists in the development and improvement of existing systems and serves as an important tool to assist local officials in making sound economic development decisions. Garrison Rural Water District commonly utilizes the information in planning system extensions, merging customer information, and reducing response time to local maintenance issues.

We provided critical tools to make the tasks involved with rural water system inventory and maintenance easier. By creating a detailed inventory of the existing infrastructure in a centralized location, we allowed the rural water staff more time to focus on management, improvement, and planning.

Garrison Rural Water staff continue to collect and maintain digital information from more than 630 individual rural water service accounts located throughout central North Dakota. Geographic Information System (GIS) attribute data including water line sizes and valves are available for the system along with contact information, system size and population served. Below are some of the examples of services Ackerman-Estvold offered to Garrison Rural Water:

1. GPS location of water system assets within 1.5 ft accuracy
2. Mapping and GIS database construction
3. Mapbooks
4. Training in ArcGIS for desktop applied to water systems assets inventory
and training in the use of ArcGIS online service to access and edit the maps